We created 3D elements to integrate with footage for the Explorer: Unstoppable experience, as a part of the 2016 Auto Show in Detroit at the COBO convention center.  This car was driven from Canada, through the Western US, down to New Mexico, filming footage along the way.  The Imagination agency created this interactive experience in which a viewer can enter this same car, which ascends up 15-20 feet.  The car is surrounded by a large curved LED screen which showed the footage, filling the perceptual space of the viewer.  We created 3D elements that were weaved into the existing video footage, to deepen the experience of depth in this immersive piece.  During the Auto Show, President Obama visited the project and signed the car, “Great Job!”

Additionally we created a mock-App (displayed on the mounted screen) to showcase branded elements of the 2016 Ford Mustang, Explorer, SuperDuty, and SUV.

Agency: Imagination