The Story of my Sister

The Story of my Sister is an excerpt from a feature-length documentary about Motivational speaker and top US real estate agent Ken DeLeon.  He opens up about his life, and his three major tragedies in his life through which he has endured and learned from.

Three different artists were asked to illustrate his three major life tragedies.  Collin of Little Hill animated his sister's tragic death, which happened in Ken's early teens.  He also was hit by the car of a man on drugs, who dragged him over a mile.  The third tragedy was battling cancer.  He turns his tragedies into his sources of strength.  The film is still in production.

Collin created the title and animation with Cinema4D and/or After Effects. 

Producer: Donald Harrison of 7 Cylinder Studios
Editor: David Camlin of 7 Cylinder Studios