virtual reality

Ermagerd. We've invested in an HTC Vive for exploration in Virtual Reality!   Check out some of our projects below. 

My first foray into drawing in vr!

I drew (or... sculpted?) this variation on our logo as a fun springtime promo.  

Banner image for Michigan Mograph Mondays Meetup in May - Google Tilt Brush Painting

I created this painting in Tilt Brush for our local Motion design meetup group.  Below is the walkthrough video.  
At first I was drawing all of the ripples in 3D space freehand, and it was difficult to keep them on the same plane.  It was fine because I planned on taking the image from above.  Then I remembered that there are some basic primitive shapes you can use as a guide.  So I created a cube and scaled it way up.  Then the brush would stick to the surface of the cube, so I was able to go through and redraw the ripples all perfectly on one plane.  It was fun to scale and position the world so the water level was right by my neck... I felt like I was swimming.