and be seen.

Investing in a beautiful video does more than visually clarify your idea.

We all know that video is much more likely to be engaged with online. Including a video on your site is more than an up-and-coming way to communicate your story.  It's now a common and even expected way to meaningfully communicate
with your audience.   According to 2017 Marketing Statistics, including video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%,
over sites without video.  

And within the world of social media, videos are 4x more likely to be engaged with than text-only posts.  And including the word 'Video' in your email subject line will increase your open rates by almost 20%!

So the real question is, are you shareable?   Is your message presented in an engaging, visual way that can be shared with the audience you dream of?








how to work with me

I would love to do a free consultation with you by phone, or in person if you are nearby the Ann Arbor/ Detroit Metro area!    In that consultation, you can tell me more about the details of your project, including: 

  • What your video needs to communicate
  • Who is the intended audience
  • How it will reach that audience
  • Which tools would be the best to communicate your message
  • Within those tools, which style would be most appropriate and effective

After this consultation, I'll put my thinking cap on, and get back to you within 24 hours with a quote for your project.   
To get in touch, you can fill out the form below and you'll hear from me soon!  


From the Smile File

“I worked with Little Hill to create videos describing a new online educational platform. When we started, I had some vague ideas and goals that Collin quickly turned into purposefully action items. She was so very helpful in co-visioning with me the themes and outline of the video. She helped out every step of the way in writing a powerful script, choosing the voice over artist, and learning how we wanted to be visually identified. When we received the full length video, myself and my colleagues were in complete awe! I was blown away at how perfectly she captured what I couldn’t put into words myself. We did have a few minor edits that we requested, and Collin quickly and seamlessly made the changes.

I cannot say enough good things about work with Collin - she is friendly, organized, talented, and all around very enjoyable to create with. I would recommend Little Hill with the highest regards and am looking forward to hiring her again in the future.”
— MariaRose Young - University of Michigan Center for Socially-Engaged Design
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Collin Leix

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