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Collin Leix

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From the Smile File

“I worked with Little Hill to create videos describing a new online educational platform. When we started, I had some vague ideas and goals that Collin quickly turned into purposefully action items. She was so very helpful in co-visioning with me the themes and outline of the video. She helped out every step of the way in writing a powerful script, choosing the voice over artist, and learning how we wanted to be visually identified. When we received the full length video, myself and my colleagues were in complete awe! I was blown away at how perfectly she captured what I couldn’t put into words myself. We did have a few minor edits that we requested, and Collin quickly and seamlessly made the changes.

I cannot say enough good things about work with Collin - she is friendly, organized, talented, and all around very enjoyable to create with. I would recommend Little Hill with the highest regards and am looking forward to hiring her again in the future.”
— MariaRose Young - University of Michigan Center for Socially-Engaged Design